Don't do as I do

Post date: Mar 19, 2012 8:47:44 AM

So even as I say I am not a good model for this I do almost always ignore my work phone in the weekends and at least 1 day a week. So maybe I am a good example - just not today.

I am not long home from work having had a pig of a day. I was checking with Tony and Simon about important news stories of the day and they both came up with marmite - but Maria beat me to it!

However I did also see a news item based on some Harvard research that says smart phones reduce both your work productivity and enjoyment! In this three year study various business groups were encouraged to turn their smart phones off after 6pm at least one day week - making for "predictable time off" or PTO. Apparently the people who did this were more productive and enjoyed work more (as measured by responses to questions like "I feel excited at going to work in the morning"). The people who resisted the PTO had more irratnal responses to work - possibly as a result of heightened stress. And the benefits accrued even with only 1 evening a week as a PTO