Jiggety Jog

Post date: Jan 03, 2012 9:28:7 AM

Today we came home - home again home again jiggety jog! Before hitting the road we met up for breakfast with Tim, the Divers and Nana. You get a sense of the morning from these. You might be surprised to know we were the largest and noisiest group at the cafe

There was a tale in today's Herald about how the tourism manager of Dubrovnik in Croatia is not having her contract renewed because she made less than

tactful remarks about NZ and Australian tourists - she apparently told Australasian media that people from Australia and NZ are not welcome in Dubrovnik because they get too drunk. NZers are upset.

This incident happens following a number of accidents involving drunk tourists from our countries including a woman who sliced her wrists during drunken sex on a yacht in the harbour. She fell back onto a ceramic basin which broke and sliced her arms. Man who was intimately involved ran off. This scenario certainly leaves more questions than answers - why did the man leave? Whose yacht was it? And what exactly were they doing? I think this is a "don't try this at home" message - or at least not on a yacht.

I would say trip uneventful but actually as there had been a fatal accident near Hunterville we took a very exciting detour through country roads in the back of beyond. Roads we are never likely to see again.

V pretty and plenty of opportunity for red tractor spotting. Red tractor spotting was a key task of the trip - ever since we saw a book in KeriKeri called (and I kid you not) The History of the Red Tractor in NZ. Now until today we hadn't realised that red tractors are an almost endangered species. But on today's evidence we can say categorically that green and blue tractors outnumber red ones. Still think the author of the history book may be more than a little obsessed.

Hope you are impressed with the addition of photos to the text!

Was a very pleasant breakfast that set us up well for the trip.