Visiting an icon

Post date: Apr 14, 2013 10:3:8 AM

Back in Wellington after lovely time in Auckland with Maria and Tim. This morning while Tim was at work Maria, Tony and I went to St Matthew's in the City, the progressive Anglican Church that often makes headlines, and family blog entries for its iconic billboards. Service lives up to our expectations I think. Church is truly beautiful in the old Anglican way.

The church had made the news again this week because they put the gay any Jesus billboard up for sale on Trade Me. Caused quite a reaction including this wonderful exchange among the 300 Q and As for the auction. V funny, v sad in equal measure

You are a scumbag!!!!!! No wonder there's still descrimunation with people like you around making a mockery of the human race. mr.a.hart (42

) 9:43 am, Fri 5 Apr

Mr Hart! You must learn how to spell discrimination before you start to use it. 9:49

Attracted so much interest they now have teatowels

Only one person could win The Gay Baby Jesus Billboard, and we know many of you have wished that this auction would never end. Well, today that wish comes true.

Introducing The Gay Baby Jesus commemorative miracle tea towel.

It can dry a plate and it also wipes away sins.

It’s a miracle!

Made from similar fabric as The Shroud of Turin – in fact some people are already calling it The Tea Towel of Turin

It is great when icons have a sense of humour!!