Parking is such a chore

Post date: Jan 06, 2012 8:42:36 AM

Hi guys

End of the week - Mark weekend will be welcome for you. For Maria, Adrian and I this weekend marks nearly the end of the holidays. Maria back at work on Monday while Adrian and I have one extra day.

Been lovely to have Maria in Wellington but she goes home tomorrow - also a sign that the holidays are ending.

It appears the car was parked directly opposite the garage and on a slight hill.

As the owner walked off, it had rolled through the carpark across the road and down the driveway before forcing itself under the roller door and parking perfectly inside the garage.

Police report both cases were now closed.

So f you are parking your car check the handbrake!

Take care



Lovely story in paper today about man in Adelaide who bought a car in December. Had the car for a few days. Took it out to the shops one night, parked it . Went shopping; came back - no sign of car.

He reported car as stolen to Police - who investigated but could find no sign of car.

The on Wednesday a family who lived opposite the shops returned home from holiday - noticed their garage door was a bit wonky. Looked inside and found a car they didn't recognise neatly parked in their garage. Called police - police came saw car and recognised it as the one reported stolen two weeks prior.