Tales of the Netherworld

Post date: May 06, 2013 10:1:26 AM

She started tonight reading one of her fables which was v clever. An antelope died and in his will he left a cake to be given to the crows for their contribution to the forest. The lion was left in charge of the distribution and he formed a committee. Very cynical look at committees - but oh so recognisable.

From same book are tales of the construction workers who wonder why their foreign workmate can't fly, a goblin causes chaos in a hospital ward, a widow admits to a premonition of her husband's death.

These are alternative fables, ethical grapplings with a surprising and often powerfully moving perspective. Characters find release and transformation by encountering the unknown. The dead antelope ends up lamenting the betrayal of his last wishes

Looking forward to having a copy of the book. Mark and Stacey will nicely complement your Aesops Fable book!

Tonight was the first of this year's Spirited Conversations. Speaker was Jo Randrson - Wellington based writer and playwright. She was a very good conversationalist.Adrian and Maria remember the weekend you were in Wellington and there was the pop up theatre on brides - you could go into what used to e Bennets Bookshop, put on one of the 100 or so bride dresses and talk about meaning of marriage. All timed to coincide with Marriage Equality Act - Jo was the director.