Madrid in pictures

Post date: Jun 14, 2013 10:23:2 PM

By this time tomorrow I will be in London with M&S Looking forward to it

Now 12:21, which is time for bed

Have to be up, packed and out by 7:45

After god food and some laughter over dinner it was back to hotel where these two men greeted me with "Hola"

They AE watching puzzled as I continue to write in lobby

For my main I had house specialty - suckling pig

Served with Padua peppers - sorry Tony these have no heat but have been ubiquitous in meals served this week - small pepper deep fried - delicious

Did not disappoint. We were served tapas, my first since I got here. Maria you may need to skip over next picture

By 7pm I have finally made it to Plaza de Sol, heart of old Madrid

The architecture is amazing, mostly built between 1400s and 1600s. Streets are tiny but v busy

Even as I left city after 11pm tonight it was packed

I am on my way to meet up with some other NZers at Los Galoyas restaurant in Plaza de Mayor. If you google restaurant you will see it is quite well known

Me and thousands of others leaving conference this pm. Might be nearly 5pm but sun is fierce and still over 35

Afternoon is conference - Attend one of the larger sessions sitting so far back I am seeing second row of screens

Topic interesting, I tweeted during this session

Have been noted as one of the more prolific tweeters of conference - given the competition that isn't saying much!!

Andi so to conference for the day

12:15 waiting to meet CEO of National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society but she is late so I watch flamenco dancers while I wait

How I wish today was my "homework assignment" day. For old times sake I recreate

So in order

7:45am at Madrid underground, which is quite a lot like LondonUnderground with signs in Spanish. Have just about worked out my routes after 3 days, shame I leave tomorrow