Looked at clouds from both sides now

Post date: Apr 04, 2015 10:19:56 AM

Joni Mitchell has been a topic of conversation for us over the last couple of days. Joni was found unconscious and hospitalised this week. Recovering now, while unconsciousness is a worry at any age, at 71 it is even more serious. You guys of course all grew up with Joni singing in the lounge. Today we thought we were living a Joni Mitchell classic. Had amazing day in Hobart - you have been treated to some of the nearly 100 photos taken during the day. Mostly it was sunny and warm with little wind. We could see cloud but we were looking up at them. Then we decided to visit Hobarts No 1 attraction Mt Wellington. Great spot 20 mins from Hobart city centre. 20 mins and another world. About 2/3rds of way up mountain we were enveloped in cloud and stayed that way till the top.

Landscape very reminiscent of Craters of the Moon at Taupo without geothermal activity.

Certainly gave us a whole new outlook on the day.