Me and a tree

Post date: Nov 05, 2014 8:41:19 AM

Went back to my car and saw this piece of a tree. Thought "I don't remember that being there". Wasn't thinking too much else when man from car parked beside me came up to tell me this piece of tree had come rolling down from the street and hit my rental car. This man had watched transfixed because it looked like it would hit his car. (didn't; I saved him) when tree stopped rolling - contact with parked car stopped tree in its tracks man and another person had tried to find out where tree piece had come from. No sign of trees being chopped anywhere close by. Does look like somebody saw this piece of tree and thought "Be a bit of a laugh to roll it down hill". Appear to have scarpered when they saw the impact.

Threw my afternoon plans as I had to make insurance claims and front up to rental car company. Very grateful damage wasn't much worse and that it hadn't bounced because damage could have been much worse.

A tree and I met today. Actually that is not entirely true. A part of a tree and I got up close and personal. Not a pleasant experience. It all started when I went to vist my colleague Tui who was at Auckland hospital. I am sure I have told you before about Tui - her 16 year old son William had a heart attack last year and his friends did CPR for 30 mins till ambulance arrived. William has defied odds and survived but heart very damaged. He was taken up to Auckland last week and had surgery today to try and fix blocked artery to avoid another heart attack. Because Iwas in Auckland I offered to be with Tui while William in theatre. So parked car near hospital. All good and while I was near trees there was no indication that any tree and me would have an unplanned meeting.

Anyway as I was leaving Tui I met Katie Grindley and her partner Matt. Last night we heard that Matt had a heart attack on Sunday and is having surgery on Friday. Matt looking surprisingly good - Katie looked exhausted! Nice to talk with them and be able to wish them well.

Unfortunately William's surgery not successful today and he needs a much more invasive operation later this month. Puts a bit of car damage into perspective