Wrong way to work out right from left hand

Post date: May 26, 2015 9:53:21 AM

Alternative title Selfie risks may outweigh benefitsWoman in Russia is working away in her office and finds a gun. Now this in itself is blog worthy. I work in an office every day. I have never in over 20 years of office work come across a gun in my daily tasks. What do you think she was doing? Wasn't her emails that's for sure. Maybe she was looking for paper clips in the stationery cupboard and right next to paper clips was a pistol because stationery cupboard filed alphabetically. However she did it a gun was found. So what is the first thing you think of doing if you find a gun? Take a selfie. Gun in left hand; camera in right. Pose with gun by head. Press right hand down. Not that right; the other right. Yes woman shot herself in the head. Now in serious condition in Moscow hospital. If she recovers she is probably in serious trouble at work too.