What an awesome day to be a Kirby!

Post date: Mar 28, 2013 1:23:8 AM

Just a quick lunch time post to say - how amazing was my birthday and getting the best birthday present ever, a new sister!!

Mum & Dad will attest to the fact that I've been asking for a sister for years (probably since I learned to talk) so thanks Mark for asking and Stacey for saying yes! I suppose Mark must be more excited than me though, after all, yesterday he bagged himself a gorgeous wife! I hope you two are enjoying the post engagement glow and relaxing enough to enjoy it. I didn't sleep the night after Tim proposed - far too excited - and poor old Tim got me waking him up just to go "We're getting married!!!"

Stacey I hope you were equally excited and Mark I hope you have been as tolerant and indulgent as Tim was for me!!

Tim & I are so very excited for you two. From the photos and skype dates we have seen, you are such a beautiful, happy couple and we can't wait to see you together in the flesh.

In the spirit of celebration yesterday, Tim & I went shopping for my birthday present (new sunglasses and a gorgeous birthday dress) and then headed to Mission Bay for bubbly and fish & chips on the beach. We even managed a swim and although the weather was packing in, the water was surprisingly warm! All of this was followed by delicious Mexican food (and a chilli hot chocolate that was more chilli than chocolate, Dad would have been in heaven!) and joining the Divers for a drink in Newmarket on our way home. A delightful day and I can't wait to celebrate again with Mum & Dad and the rest of the family this weekend, with Easter and engagements and a birthday this is pretty much the coolest week ever!!

Mark & Adrian we will miss you this weekend. Hopefully there will be many phone calls and skype dates to make up for the distance!