Found cure for insomnia

Post date: May 27, 2014 5:5:38 AM

I have had a really bitty day today with meetings at church, work, Parliament, church So 3:30 meeting. With Iain LeesGalloway, Labour Party ACC spokesperson finished at 4pm. My church meeting starts at 5. My leg wouldn't thnK me for walking back to office for 10mins to walk back again so I thought I will sit in public gallery and observe Parliament in session. Haven't done that for years and can sit and catch up on emails in warmth

Wrong. Although MPs all sitting with smart phones, iPads and pPers working except for occasional rude comment the public can take NOTHING into gallery. So sitting sans equipment with hardly anyone to watch and the debate is on tax deductions for accommodation and other matters which has zilch interest. Me and the other 4 people in public gallery all nodded off. Better than the movies for a snooze