The earth beneath our feet

Post date: Aug 16, 2013 9:7:16 AM

About 2:30 this afternoon I was trying to finish a couple of tasks before heading home - still on part time office hours and try to get home before traffic heavy. As I sat at my desk the earth did move - a 6.6 centred off Seddon. Seddon, where 4 of us lived albeit briefly, has been hit quite hard with a few houses down. So far one person hospitalised in Wgtn, woman with heart condition who got sick as she walked down steps to evacuate building. While everyone else in offic egot under the desks I just had to roll wheelchair away from window and bookcase and wait it out.

Our lifts stopped working so it was the very unglamorous bum shuffle down 2 flights of stairs ( how glad this wasn't ALAC where it would have been 13)

Adrian v lucky not to be working at 110 Featherston which has many broken windows again just a week or so after repairs from first swarm a month ago.

I was v lucky to get away just before traffic gridlocked - trains stopped working as Wellington offices evacuated and people told to go home. As a sign of how frightened Lily was by shakes she didn't bark when taxi came just stood quivering by door as I opened it.

Tony home not long after me we are v safe House not affected at all - pictures no more skewed than they were yesterday!!

Take care all of you. Thanks for the support