Beware the woman scorned

Post date: Nov 10, 2013 8:21:36 AM

We had a lovely couple of nights in Auckland, once Tony got through the fog in Wellington to get there - only 2 hours later than planned. It was the Arthritis NZ. conference - we had 250 people there which was great and Tony took one of the afternoon workshops for people interested in special education entitlements for children with Arthriits. Pretty special for both do us to be presenting at same conference and hear each other speak.

Fortunately Tony has not scorned me yet so I don't have to set fire to our house.

As we were waiting to come back from Auckland today we were reading paper as you do. Woman in Auckland who was in love with man in Tokoroa. So far this reads like a typical love story - however happily ever after is not part of this tale. Man decided this lady was not the love of his life so ended the relationship. This story so far is the same as many others.Lady really wanted to keep relationship going so she set fire to his house three times as part of her pitch to get him to come back to her!