Don't make your bed if you want to lie on it

Post date: Sep 08, 2015 6:56:52 AM

So my take out message from today's research is be a sloth and be healthy

I can drink to that

And tonight the Herald says it is healthier to leave your bed unmade if like Tony you have allergies. Apparently leaving your bed unmade all day will kill bedbugs and dust mites that lead to breathing difficulties and asthma.

Then I got sent this one

Oxford University researchers have found that wearing high heels does not cause arthritis in the knees - this is contrary to other previous research. The new research suggests it is all about weight of woman not the height of her shoes. In fact in women who were not overweight 3" heels had a protective effect

I know I have written before about picking your research to suit your interests Some days the research comes flocking Started this morning

A recent Arthritis Care & Research study of 2,239 individuals with conditions involving chronic widespread pain such as fibromyalgia revealed that those who consumed alcohol had lower levels of disability than those who never or rarely drank. Those who drank 21 to 35 units of alcohol per week were 67 per cent less likely than non-drinkers to experience disability.

And yes it is a reputable university

Just note 21-35 British units equates to two small glasses of wine per day

So I am keeping up my wine consumption as a protective effect!