Mark's (Valentines) Day

Post date: Feb 20, 2013 8:42:17 PM

Props to Dad for being first!

OK so even though I made the rules I found them pretty hard to follow so ended up filling in the photo at then end of the day the next day. Also I cannot verify the accuracy of my dream image.- you'll have to take my word for it.

Time: Thurs 0800

Status: I was still asleep and (probably) having an excellent dream about solving the worlds problems with Rock n Roll

Time: 0820

Location: Home

Listening to; Just finished listening to my alarm... for the 3rd snooze (Sorry Stace!)

status: Barely alive but getting ready... shortly after taking this photo I saw an email that a client had all systems down so jumped on my PC and started fixing things (still in my dressing gown) Shortly after this I learned that Muz is getting married!!!!

Time: 1035

Location: Edgware Station

Listening to: Pink Floyd, Any Colour You Like

Status: Resolved the Crisis, heading into Mayfair via Camden, to resolve another (less urgent) crisis

Time: 12:06

Location: Berkeley Square, Mayfair... just outside my office (Ma, the Pret we met in is just out of frame to the right)

Listening to: Beruit, Santa Fe

Status: Heading back to the office to regroup and do some real work

Time: 1659

Location: In the Nerd Cave that is my Office

Listening to: Russian Circles, Campaign

Status: Uuuurgh... Sick of real work. Just shutting down my PC to head back to Camden to finish of some business then meet Stacey

Time: 1932

Location: Namaste Kitchen,Camden

Listening to: The Drum and Sitar stylings of those guys

Status: Enjoying a Super Romantic Valentines Date with the loveliest lady I know (this side of the equator). Partially Financed my Ma and Pa's birthday money :)

Time: 2230

Location: Home!

Listening to: Stacey wispering sweet nothings in my ear (maybe)

Status: Stuffed after a crazy delicious 6 course meal and pleased to be home