January 2nd in Auckland

Post date: Jan 02, 2012 7:42:19 AM

Will be sociable again

If there is a moral in today's message it is that you should withhold judgement until you have seen a cloud!

Take care



Hiya all 3. Am writing this from Una and Bernie's because we have Internet access here. We are staying tonight in a lovely apartment that is in a very strange part of town. Bernie looked quite shocked and said "Are you really staying in the centre of the red light district" I think on the 16 th floor we can truly say we are above it all! I have to say it is the first time on the holiday we saw Jenny really really excited about anything. This afternoon when Tony and I went off for a walk Jennyand Maria stood on a balcony waving their red Tshirts at us. V cute.we are incredibly close to the Britomart and the cloud that was erected for the Rugly World Cup. I have been v scathing about the cloud but I had to eat my words as the area is amazing and v well used including fishermen at the end of the wharf. With luck Tony will post some photos and you can get your own visuals.

Tomorrow we head off home with Jenny and Maria in the car. I think this will be a tougher trip than any of the others we have had to date as we will be on the road with many others. But we have all day. We are meeting Tim for breakfast before we go so that Tim and Maria an lay eyes on each other(and lips probably too!!!) before she heads south.