None of us will make this claim (fortunately)

Post date: Apr 24, 2016 8:55:10 PM

In 1938 an 82 year old man died in a Greek monastery. This may not seem particularly important I know, but to quote Dr Suess "It is and that's why I am telling you so". Mihailo Tolotos is believed to be the only man in history to have lived without ever seeing a woman. His mother died giving birth to him; he was taken to a Greek monastery where no women were allowed ( these Greek monasteries still exist but most people enter them a little later in their life) Lived his life and died in the same monastery

There are no photos of Mihailo on Google but some examples of where his name is used in vain like this one.

I can't imagine a life where you only see people of the same gender but I'll bet there have been more women in history for whom this is true than poor Mihailo as the only man.

I am glad that for all of us the chance to mix with boys, girls, men, women and the occasional Intersex gender has been part of our lives.