Perils of early morning travels

Post date: Nov 11, 2016 5:45:22 AM

Caused much hilarity in the office when Jude called in with the suitcase - and yes they are identical.

Instructions at baggage do say to positively identify your bag - I guess your eyes have to be open and not bleary eyed.

It was about midnight when I got to bed last night and a very short time later- well 4:45am to be precise - the alarm went for me to get up and get to the airport. All was fine. Got to the airport and checked in. Unusually for me I met someone I knew and we joked about both being bleary eyed.

Arrived at Wellington and collected my quite distinctive suitcase. Was on bus into city when I looked at suitcase and saw the bag tag was for J Varcoe. Despite being tired I did realise this was not my name. Was on phone to Air NZ baggage to talk about taking the wrong suitcase when I twigged that the person I had been speaking in Auckland was called Jude and her surname was Varcoe. As I sent my apologetic email to Jude - sorry I've got your suitcase by mistake I got a phone call. Call was from Jude apologising for picking up my suitcase by mistake because she hadn't checked as there has never been another one the same any time she has flown!