Hide the computer

Post date: Jun 28, 2012 10:33:31 AM

Should you want to buy a 70 year old train that doesn't work any more there is still a chance. You just need your own Trade Me account AND a spare $29999

Your mother has neither of those things - and if I did you won't get access to the computer!

And the lesson for all is keep your computer away from your children and not to have your Trade Me account with the password remembered.

Anyway mum did manage to get bid taken down.

Woman yesterday ended up with a BIG problem. Found that her son had put the first bidon a train on Trade Me. This in itself is not a big problem but the train is one of the old Wellington commuter trains and the opening bid was $29,999. The problem comes because son who bids is aged4 And mum doesn't have $29,999.

I find it very very hard to believe that a 4 year old would be able to log into Trade Me on mum's account; place a bid for 29,999 hit all the confirm buttons but what do I know?