I wonder if I can get some of those drugs

Post date: Dec 12, 2012 9:40:18 AM

As she is discharged I wonder if that means she keeps her new job as CEO of the Queenstown Lakes District Council. If so you"d want to be sure she was off the drugs at work

Wonderful story in today's NBR. Anita Kileen, formerly of the Serious Fraud Office was today discharged without conviction on forgery and fraud charges. She agrees that she did forge an email, made it out to be from her then boss do the FraudOffice and sent this email to the media with the intention of discrediting her boss. Email was printed, boss was laughing stock even though he said "not true, not me"

Eventually Anita was charged and she had her day in court where she agreed she did do the things she was accused of but it was out of character and all because her GP had changed her medications . . .please note perfectly legal medications, she was not under the influence of "naughty drugs"

First things firstHappy birthday Tim. we know you've had a great day - may the year ahead also be a good oe