Post date: Jul 11, 2012 10:33:13 AM

And of course you can get research to back up anything - and their justification is that the original English greeting of Chaucer's time was "Hallow" (as in hallowed be thy name) and that Hello was only Edison's sloppy speech through this new fangled telephone that distorted the sacred and made a profanity! Apparently this is a movement that is growing ? Can't say I've seen evidence of this but if you want to start the trend feel free!

They have a website www.heaveno.com

Bill Bryson and his language book would have a field day - or at least a chapter!

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Missed last night because of church meeting. So on a religious theme tonight. I was reading in Adrian's Lexicon of Stupidity about the man from Texas who has got offended about the word "Hello". "It slapped him in the face one day that ihe was saying Hell. O" And once you think like that then you know you are blaspheming - right???

So man from Texas starts crusade and his home town of Kingsville eventually passes a bylaw prohibiting the blasphemous "Hello" and requiring people in Kingsville to greet each ore properly with "Heaven O".