Meet my friend

Post date: May 30, 2014 10:25:50 AM

My friend Rosemary has discovered that in Mark and Stacey's place you can buy tea bags for dogs. Because dogs really need a cup of camomile or ginseng tea

She of course is a touch more obsessive than me - insisting on saucers; and dishing the dirt on coffee - just highlights how moderate my tea views actually are!!

We are in total agreement about tea bags; the place for smelly teas ( which she eloquently describes as secret sandal flavoured tea sourced from Madagascar) and the value of drinking from fine china

I sat last night knowing I had something to share with you but my mind went blank

Then today I remembered. Had read an Opinion piece in newspaper -90% of which could have been written by me. If your friends are a reflection of yourself then meet my friend Rosemary.