Silence is golden

Post date: Jun 02, 2013 1:33:4 AM

The Auckland contingent has been quiet on the blog lately but we have been following!! As I am sitting at home procrastinating doing the housework I have decided now is the perfect time. I think the neighbours are having a competition to see how much noise it is possible to make on an idyllic, sunny Sunday. One has been happily on his chainsaw for the last hour, another has just started up on their own (even louder) chainsaw and now we have a lawnmower too!!

One of the main reasons we are so quiet on here is that there is very little new to report! We're awaiting confirmation of the date Tim will leave for police college but are trying to relish every moment we get together before he goes. The new house is working well, we love the area and the view and it's so nice and toasty and warm even on cold spring evenings! We have brought out the heaters for the first time in the last week - in our old house last year we had the open fire going by the middle of April. Yes we Aucklanders are wimps as it isn't even cold by most peoples standards - but it is by ours! Our new outdoor furniture is awesome (thanks Mum & Dad) and we're looking forward to using it this afternoon now we finally have some sun!

On Thursday we took up the free engagement photo shoot we won at a competition. We had it done at Wynyard Quarter as the sun was setting. Was very beautiful but I'm hoping the photos were crap as it could be an extremely expensive prize! We get one free print of one photo as part of the prize... but every print additional to that is $100 and you have to spend $500 before you get ANY electronic copies of the photos. What a rip off! But it was a lovely little date and the photographer was very friendly. She said we were an unusual couple - not many couples are as OTT in affection as us after 2 years... though Mark and Stacey I bet you guys give us a run for our money! Here's some photos from the walk back after the shoot

The weekend has been taken very slowly. The doctor tells me I have a viral throat infection which has robbed me of my voice - it is extremely croaky and quite painful to talk - and also a bacterial infection that was on it's way to my lungs so I'm on antibiotics. Three bottles of wine in the fridge and I can drink none of them!

Yesterday after a family (minus Adrian) skype date and a trip to the doctor, we went for a walk around Cornwall Park to moon over our soon-to-be wedding venue, and ended up playing puppy spotting as we decide what kind of puppy we both want! The deal is I'm allowed one after we return from Mark's wedding - not too long to go!!

Tim went to rugby yesterday and I'm sure won't mind too much if I tell you they were demolished by the other team - 70 points to 0 is the last score Tim remembers. His pride is kept up by the fact that they were playing a merged team with members of much higher grades playing. He clearly put his all into the match as has come home with a black eye, a stomped on hand, and one leg where I swear there isn't a patch of skin not bruised or grazed. That's one thing about our Timmy - he will give everything he's got!!

Today we have had breakfast at Raven & Cook cafe with the Divers - Mum knows it well and Dad will remember it as the place we got those super strong ginger lattes. We then went for a romp around the Clevedon Markets, in rural south Auckland. Dad I must take you there next weekend you are up - you will love! This is not a photo I took but one snaffled from Google Images

Tim has just taken his little buddy Damian out to an exhibition of the largest private lego collection in NZ. A million bricks and 3 days have gone into creating the exhibition and for just a gold coin entry, anyone can go it. It's hard to know who is more excited out of Tim or Damian. For those of you who haven't seen, here is a link to the YouTube video Tim took of his Police Lego set before it got damaged as we move house. 20,000 views and counting. Sad that it now lives in boxes in the garage!

This afternoon we have one of Tim's sisters, Byrdie, popping in for afternoon tea. I will try my hand at baking for her! After that a quiet night in and Tim is off to work in the morning. You will probably all be disgusted to hear that we are off to the live show of X Factor tomorrow night. I got free tickets from work so we're taking Lachie and his friend Taylor. I'm mostly dreading it but it could be interesting at least from an events management point of view!

I think that's all from me - sorry for the novel, being robbed of talking for 3 days means you get an extremely chatty blog entry!!

Miss you all and can't wait until our first full family reunion in what must be almost 6 years! Only 7 months to go!