Honour the dead

Post date: Aug 05, 2014 10:18:53 AM

Do you know what Rob Muldoon (former PM of NZ) and Marilyn Munroe have in common? Certainly not their looks - one was considered a beauty in her day - the other never was.

Could be their memorable voices - each had a kind of a raspy edge but that isn't the shared connection, not their birthday either - one is June and one Sept. Robert was born five years before Norma Jean.

August 5 was significant for each though - they died on same day 30 years apart.

Hard to imagine Marilyn Munroe as an old woman - but she was born same year as Nana so would now be 88. Even if I can't photographer called Andrzaj Dragen has. He has series of photos with aged Munroe, Hitter, Bruce Lee inter alia.

Equally hard to picture Rob Muldoon as young but he must have been. No photographer doing digital mock up of him.

So remember Marilyn and Rob with their unlikely connection