Would the horse go on holiday?

Post date: Feb 03, 2016 9:2:58 PM

Great story. David won a holiday for his family for this selfie of him, son and Betty the horse. This should have been a straightforward good news story.But Nicola, Betty's owner says she should get the holiday because Betty is the winning feature. Note that Nicola says she, not Betty, would get the holiday.

My sympathies actually lie with the competition organisers. They have done the hard work - got competition up and running; presumably got more than David's entry; done the judging; got a winner; got the feel good publicity. This should be the marketers meeting their KPI - but nasty Nicola has complained and now they have a dispute resolution on their hands. But wait the publicity generated by Nicola has made international headlines - Betty is world famous so maybe marketers have overachieved!