Santa found it easier

Post date: Oct 22, 2014 6:17:0 PM

All could have been avoided if she was a Kirby child - never would have thought Santa existed

Lovely bloggable news yesterday about the length, depth and height some people will go to for love.

Story starts in a way that is familiar to our family. Two people using dating site meet up. It goes well. This is where there appears to be a slight departure from our experiences. Man liked woman; woman liked man and depending in which version of the story you believe either she became obsessed with him and was stalking him or she was wanting to make an impression and do something quirky to surprise

him.Either way - obsessed or just nutty, woman decides to pop into man's house through the chimney.

Unfortunately woman hadn't ever been told that Santa isn't real and has never ever fitted down a chimney. Nor had she ever read some of the Old English literature which showed they used small malnourished boys as chimney sweeps as they were the only ones who could fit down. She got stuck. Chimney had to be dismantled to get her out. This is not an image of beauty.