Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before...

Post date: Jan 23, 2015 12:7:36 AM

Hi all,

As mum and dad have heard ad nauseum, I interviewed for a job yesterday, have accepted it this morning and managed to negotiate an early release from my current employer to allow me to start on February 10th, the day after I return from NZ and two weeks from Tuesday. The role is a Customer Service Representative at an insurance call centre, which may sound familiar if you were paying attention at about this time in 2009. However they have let me know that I could be out of the call centre and in another role within the company in 6 - 18 months, which is why I am moving; in two years at my current role I have received a pay rise of $2000 and nothing more so while this is initially a slight step back, in the long run it should be a big step forward. Looking forward to seeing most of my family the weekend before I start while the 2 weeks holiday pay I have banked from NEXTT should go most of the way to covering my flights to the UK to see the rest of the family in October!!

Finally, I thought this was very funny: