I'm going to the Napier, I may be some time

Post date: Jun 25, 2014 12:53:32 AM

Hi everyone,

Recently my housemate Allie and I stumbled across this list of 50 meals you should have eaten if you live in Melbourne. Unlike most of these lists, I have actually sampled quite a few of them! With Mum & Dad I have had #36 (with Nana too there!) and #41 (which we reported at the time as the best falafel we have ever had!) and otherwise I have had #7, #8, #21 (for my birthday the day I got out of hospital) #44 (my first meal after moving to Melbourne!) & #50.

Most of these look amazing but the one that has really caught our eye has been #18, the Bogan Burger from the Napier Hotel:

Tonight Allie, Matt and I will be venturing to the Napier to try out this monstrosity, which consists of a steak, a chicken schnitzel, a hash brown, bacon, egg, cheese, onion, tomato, pineapple and beetroot. Apparently it contains 7000 kjs of energy, considerably more than the recommended amount for a person in a day but don't worry about me because mine won't have that much: I will be ordering it without the beetroot.

In preparation today I have had an Up & Go for breakfast and will be skipping lunch. We plan on heading to the Napier about 6 so we can be safely in bed in our food comas by 8pm.

If I survive I will let you know how it went!

Maria & Tim and Mum & Dad, I recommend you peruse that meal list at the top and start planning where you want to go next time you are here - most of these places are at affordable if not relatively cheap - Attica is the only one I know of as being pricey but it has also been ranked the 21st best restaurant in the world so that's probably fair enough!