Victory for stehpinklers

Post date: Jan 31, 2015 9:17:4 AM

According to a judge in Germany the "increasing domestication of men" is causing a previously dominant social custom to be at risk of extinction. In a stand to uphold men's right to be men the judge said the landlord was at fault and must return the bond to tenant who exited flat. That the marble floor was damaged was undisputed; doesn't even count that the reason the floor is damaged is known and can be traced to tenant or his visitors (or perhaps his predecessors over past 200 years given the age of some buildings in Europe)Landlord contested that marble floor had been damaged by Uric acid splashed around when tenant stood to pee (stehpinkle)

In Germany and some other parts of Europe there is quite a movement to make men sit (sitzpinkle) Signs such as this picture are common. The anatomical graphics appear to have been done by someone who has never seen a man.

If the sign is not sufficient you can buy alarms that alert all house residents if toilet seat gets raised (first sign of stehpinklers in action) to shame these undomesticated beings.

I know we found a much simpler solution to assist with "target practice" and protect the (non marble) floor in our Howick Rd house - a ping pong ball. Worked wonders.