Time is wasting me . .

Post date: May 27, 2012 4:12:12 AM

Lovely article in today's news about how much time we waste at work - apparently a day a week. It is estimated that this costs us as a country $19 billion a year in wages alone.

Ernst & Young surveyed 1220 workers across major industries to create the impressively named Productivity Pulse Survey.

It is probably no surprise that employers thought more time was wasted than employees (21% compared to 15%)

Mark you get a bit of a break - the stuff survey says much more time is wasted sitting in "boring meetings" 58% than clearing emails 22% whilst waiting for IT help is a mere 19%! So people like me who call meetings waste more time than people like Mark. I think Tony's work frustrations this year revolve around all three of those activities taking too much time:-)

I am, of course writign this from the work computer - but on a Sunday afternoon where it is too wet to walk Lily.