Country music for country dwellers

Post date: Aug 16, 2012 8:21:0 AM

I've been a bad blog entry person this week; church meetings on consecutive nights that lasted too long is my excuse. Fortunately Tony and Adrian have more than compensated for my laxity

I guess you can say that country music has it's own genre.

I do like the thought that this is an image of Rod Srewart singing his heart put to the cows!

I'm not sure if this really is news but it was confirmed by research that cows lack musical taste.International research has shown that cows produce 3% more milk if there is slow music playing in the milking shed than no music or "fast music". New Zealand research in Southland has shown that cows that have Rod Stewart or Dolly Parton playing give more milk than cows that listen to any other music or none.