Today, Sunday

Post date: Aug 12, 2012 6:39:21 AM



Must get some more work done before the Rennaissance renders this irrelevant.

Loved your blog Mark. You will find if you do the research (or you could take my word for it) that people do require some involvement from their God or they make up a whole lot of dubious qualities about him / her.

Also, Craig (Shelley's husband with the Monteith's Memorial Bar ion his cellar) has bought me a ticket to Beervana. I hope I can justify it!

Drinking a beer that I must have bought while you were still here Adrian. Turns out it was a worrying chopice as I have lots to do tonight and I've just read the alcohol level....10.8%! I've included a picture to allow you to make a more informed choice when you look to purchase it. I wonder if it is the barley which was a beer staple in the Middle Ages.

Hope you enjoy the Oriental Bay post which contains some of the best photos I have ever taken in ten years here.

Working away here on the failing computer and I have put on some music from the drop box. I haven't really listened to any because I've been enjoying the Lawrence Arabia albums so much along with Gravenhurst. Thoroughly enjoying You La Tengo as I write however, and also saw lots of promise in Olivia Tremor Control. Thanks Mark and Adrian! How do I get Lawrence to you? You La Tengo sounds alot like Gravenhurst in recent times.

PS Nanna's visit has been a delight. I still consider that she has learned the meaning of life...appreciation of the simple things and a willingness to say byes even when the body is suggestion no. I hope that Stacey gets a chance to meet her Mark because she really is an exceptional human being.