Arachnaphobia 2: This time it's Antipodean, mate

Post date: May 23, 2015 4:30:28 AM

Hi everyone,

This week Australian news has been dominated by two things: that an actress is older than people thought she was and the town of Golburn in New South Wales.

Previously Goldburn was most famous as the town with a giant sheep statue where mum, dad and I stopped for lunch when we traveled to Sydney from Canberra but this week it has become covered in gossamer, believed to be from thousands of tiny spiders!

Headlines have made it sound like the spiders themselves have been falling out of the sky but what scientists think is that hundreds of thousands of spiders have flown over on strings of gossamer and, due to weather and wind patterns, Goldburn has been the place where all the discarded threads have fallen!

Still, happier that we lunched there last year rather than this year!