Donald Trump channelled Harry Chapin

Post date: Nov 09, 2016 6:34:44 AM

Been a tough afternoon watching the US elections. Just heard some analysis that said Trump's success was due to Scranton Pennsylvania. Apparently what Trump has done is to marshal the missing millions - such as the population of Scranton Pennsylvania where people who never used to vote turned out in droves White men without college degrees are our missing millions though high Latino vote also conservative and seem to have overlooked all the anti Hispanic rhetoric and only recalled the right to life and use guns with impunity.

I was listening to this and thinking Scranton Pennsylvania sounds awfully familiar

Apart from being Donald Trumps last stop on the "Get out and vote" campaign it was the place where 51 years ago Gene Sesky lost control of his truck and crashed. He died. Looking at image from the time - don't you think they would have voted for Trump? But Harry Chapin immortalised Scranton in his 30,000lbs of bananas song. So if the town seems familiar to you it's probably the song rather than the voting. Harry you are responsible for this democratic nightmare.

and maybe, just maybe - 30,000lbs of mashed banana is a good metaphor for the result.