We must be a creative bunch

Post date: Jul 28, 2015 9:7:34 AM

Lovely research I saw today - I always think research is lovely if it confirms a behaviour or a belief I already hold. Mind you so do climate change nay-sayers which is why the coming ice age research got picked up so much.

But back to my new favourite piece of research that I will share with as many people as I possibly can. Sarcasm has had a bad rap. There is evidence that being sarcastic in the workplace is beneficial - and not just for the giver. Even those at the receiving end of a sarcastic comment are likely to benefit. People involved in a sarcastic exchange were up to three times more creative in a range of tests. The researchers hypothesis is that a barbed exchange triggers the creative juices, and in many cases does not exacerbate conflict. And before you say "Did you find this research in the cereal packet?" No it came from Harvard and Colombia universities in the US and the Insead business school in France. They suggest that making and understanding a sarcastic comment involves the brain switching into an "abstract" thinking mode, which boosts creativity.

Boy am I going to get some creative juices flowing tomorrow.

Nearly as good as the comment in my 360 review that I need to laugh more. First time in my working life I have had that comment - and i will milk it!