An afternoon of near misses

Post date: Mar 28, 2012 9:0:6 AM

Ready to be home . . .and I need this T shirt

Get plane more or less without incident - although Callum (guide dog puppy) for the first time toilets inside the airport I fortunately wasn't with Dianne right then!

Get to Wellington, meet Tony, get to car realise I've left my i-Pad in plane and have to head back to gate.

Back home after a couple of days in Auckland. Today was not one of my better days. This afternoon had a meeting in the centre of Auckland so drove into town, found a park quite easily, paid went to meeting., Came back and saw car with tow truck parked right beside it with light flashing. Groan loudly race across road with voice of man beside me saying "Not worth losing your life for" Tow truck driver smiles nicely at me at says "It's your lucky day - no parking warden been along so I don't have to tow you away!" Get in car head to airport. Have to fill car with petrol so do that at a busy service station - Dianne, my colleague goes into pay. Person behind me toots horn as I am waiting in the car - I talk to man on forecourt and say "My colleague is inside to pay so I'll just move this car" He says nothing so I do. Attendants inside service station note car driving off without paying . . . .Dianne narrowly averts the police call as she is waiting in a long queue to pay but shouts out "She's with me - and I hope she hasn't driven off!"