No longer in driving distance from the second tallest structure in NZ?

Post date: Feb 16, 2016 5:40:28 AM

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have been ignoring you recently, work has been hectic but clearly the blog has been too!

I was interested to read this article about the demolition of the radio mast in Titahi Bay. I have very frequently admired the mast when driving past across the estuary on State Highway 1 or walking the dog in Titahi Bay itself. Understandable to take it down though if it is no longer necessary, especially considering the damage it would do if it fell down!

Apparently the mast was the second-highest structure in New Zealand, with the Sky Tower being #1. I had been lamenting the loss of the ability to drive to the such a landmark from Ballina Drive but it is possible that the new #2 is nearby as well!