Hip Hooray

Post date: May 05, 2015 8:44:33 PM

As an aside I saw information about www.thekirbys.co.nz - did you know we are ranked as the 41,570,399th most popular website in the world! We have an average of 9 daily visits and 33 page views. Some advertiser could want space on our site.

While surgery is not anyone's first choice this is one of the times where there are no other options - I think falling down bus stairs are another time like that! Wonder if we will both beep going through airport security?

At this stage surgery is timed for 2nd July which gives us exactly 12 weeks prior to leaving. If there is an earlier cancellation his surgery will be brought forward.

As you know yesterday Tony went to see orthopaedic surgeon and now has a time frame for surgery. Both GP and surgeon are keen that his surgery is completed at least 12 weeks prior to travel to the UK. Surgeon - incidentally same one who I saw at public hospital on my return from UK and did med school with John Little last century - told Tony what I had been telling him for some time - his hip was beyond repair and that he will feel better than he does now immediately after surgery and will probably be taking fewer painkillers coming out of hospital than he is now. Guess which one of us Tony believed?

Tony's X-ray looks just like the teaching aid for severe arthritis - the picture on the right. His other hip looks like the textbook healthy joint - the one on the left.

The way total hip replacement is done now the components are expected to last 30-50 years so Tony should be skipping for many decades.