Sometimes a gamble does pay off

Post date: May 16, 2012 11:37:11 AM

It's late on Wednesday and today we have held our first public day at an Arthritis conference. This has been a dream for me since I started but a few weeks ago looked to be a bit of a fizzer. However over the last week registrations increased and today we had 120 people there. Our ideal was a conference with as large number of health professionals but we got mostly people with arthritis. Not necessarily a bad thing you have to say. Day has been great and people were incredibly happy. I am feeling somewhat jaded with long days.

One of the funny things has been having Maria's soon-to-be boss and colleagues at the conference as sponsors. All 3 have talked of their excitement at Maria their new staff member who will join them. Maria you will be thrilled to hear that Talita and Lisa have enjoyed their time and think we are great partners!