Bad day at the office?

Post date: Feb 12, 2012 10:35:3 AM

Been a wonderful summer day inWgtn today - we haven't had many of these. Worst thing about good days is there are more things todo than hours in the day.

Lovely story about Italian restaurant in Chch today. Table of 6 people dining and one person got the wrong order not once but twice. When she sent food back second time chef came storming out of kitchen swearing that if she didn't like what he served she could @!*% off! At about this point food glasses and stuff was thrown. Others apparently told chef he was over reacting and he suggested they might also like to leave though I understand his language may have been more "colorful".

Police were called at one point as the restaurant descended into chaos.

All in all it appears to have been a very bad day at that particular office.