Don't think this is an omen

Post date: Aug 05, 2015 8:57:51 AM

Tony and I appear to be managing the stresses of 39 years together as a couple. And even though Tony looked miserable at our wedding he did make the vows in the right place. I suspect he sometimes feels as overwhelmed by me and my loudness as Kermit does with Miss Piggy.

Moi - OTT?

International news of the day today is yet another long term relationship breakup. Pressures of Hollywood just too much for this couple. Miss Piggy and Kermit announced today they are no longer a couple. The part could be a bad omen if we were at all superstitious we could be worried - they met the same year as us - 1976. First marriage attempt was about same time as we married. Although for them the groom never actually took the vows.