Know the size of your P

Post date: Sep 05, 2014 9:48:33 AM

We are not long home from an Ernst& Young function to welcome Una and her colleague Susan as Partners ( note big P). We were invited because I have been a client of Una's company - and Tony as my partner (little p) We have enjoyed the differentiation made between big P and little p partners. Bernie pointed it out to us - he was introduced at a dinner as the little p partner at a dinner for big P Partners and their little p partners!!!

This was the Wellington event hosted at an Art Gallery where EY ( which is what those in the know call Ernst & Young) are sponsors for an exhibition by a South African artist. Exhibition is called refusing time - combines screens, music and other oddities. Tony enjoyed it - but I think the four glasses of wine helped put him in the frame for it!!

Una is a partner in Human Capital which I think sounds like a slave trader but apparently that is not what she does!

As we left function Tony took some amazing photos of the lights - this is but one.