Loving me; loving you

Post date: Nov 07, 2012 9:15:22 AM

Great piece of history.

Also posting some photos from the weekend. Nana had an amazing time at Government House. With only 70 people at Government House every person got a chance to meet and talk to the Governor General.

Anyway there was a 10 year court battle which ends cup in Supreme Court - case known as Loving vs State of Virginia which said that marriage is a civil right for all. One of the really interesting comments about this was that a coupe, of years ago Mildred gave a public statement in support of gay marriage - the Loving case is about people who love each other have the right to get married regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

Been a long time between posts. Sad life.Tonight we've been following the US elections (pleased with the Obama win) I also attended a seminar on the Marriage Equality Bill.

On Sunday at church and again tonight the US case Loving vs State of Virginia which started when Richard and Mildred Loving got married in 1958 but wasn't settled till 1967 in a Supreme Court verdict. Incredible story - Richard and !ildred were in love and wanted to get married where they lived in Virginia. But Viginia laws prohibited miscegenation (Isn't that a great word? Means inter-racial marriage). So the Lovings went to Washington DC, got married and moved back to Virginia. Later that year in the middle of the night they were arrested and charged with miscegenation. Convicted and the Judge's comments were amazing - words to the effect of God put black, white, yellow, Malay and red he put them on separate continents because they aren't meant to marry. They were sentenced to a year in prison which would be suspended if they went into exile for 25 years. Very welcoming community that Virginia.