Gone but not always forgotten

Post date: Jan 03, 2013 6:33:18 AM

Also you see a rare and précis photo - one of Jenny!!

We took her to Flying Burrito Brothers in Papnui last night. FBB has opened in what you guys might remember as the Pizza Hut at Northlands Mall. Chch locate appears to be doing just as well as the Wgtn one.

Plane about to board. Take care

Jenny and Tony both agree that she manages conversations better on the phone (probably more focused and the voice is right in her ear) but even that's not easy. Adrian you might recognise the Family ornament which has pride of place on her cabinet. Now space is shared with 2 angels one Maria gave her for Christmas this year which joined the one she received a few years ago

Tony and I are at Chch airport waiting for plane back to Wgtn. This part of our holiday officially over. It feels like much more than 12 days worth of activity. Maria and Tim had an earlier flight to Wgtn so they have been home.

Leaving Gran is hard - although she is much brighter today than any other day she has trouble following a conversation of any length and it is obvious she isn't retaining much You do end up repeating things many many times. But although visitors obviously exhaust her she does remember that visits have happened - can't remember which days