Prince Charming couldn't live in Colorado

Post date: Apr 28, 2014 10:38:26 AM

And in an incredibly sexist law should we be in Colorado Stacey, Maria or I could kiss a sleeping Mark, Tim or Tony with impunity (presumably we would be kissing our own version of Prince Charming here) but Mark, Tim and Tony kissing their sleeping beauties (assuming that is how they do indeed think of us) would be criminal.

When Maria was a preschooler she got very upset one day as I was reading from a book of fairy tales. Not sure which story we were reading - could have been Snow White or Rapunzel - whichever one it was Prince Charming featured near the end of story. Maria was incensed that Prince Charming would be kissing Snow White or Rapunzel when he was already married to Cinderella. This was in fact quite an insightful comment which had not been explicitly pointed out before. I do recall using this very message when talking about disease transmission in my FPA work - you never know where the other person has been before . . .

Lovely piece in the Huffington Post that reminded me of Maria's childhood.Apparently in Colorado it is illegal to kiss a sleeping woman.