Be gracious, be generous

Post date: Apr 18, 2016 3:12:35 AM

I am sitting in a symposium - Powering Up our Future - hosted by Ministry of Health as part of the launch of the launch of new health strategy. This is a by invitation only meeting, the invite said " You've been identified as a future health leader". V flattering - but there are over 200 here so my perceived self worth just lowered.

I listened to Minister of Health talking about reorienting Heath services to be more people centred. Sounds great - but one of the passions that got me passionate about health in 1989 was the Ottawa Charter for health promotion dated 1986 which has as a principle "Reorienting health services" so 30 years on we still have same mantra - no wonder my cynicism levels are high.

However I was brought back to reality and why I care at lunchtime. I was standing next to one of the few young people having lunch so I started talking to him. Jake is his name - during the course of the conversation it turns out that Jake was the former head boy of Chch Boys High School who made world headlines last year when he gave his year end speech in the middle of his cancer treatment.

After lunch Jake spoke of his health sector experience - basically he had a good outcome but some of the engagement was horrific and not totally patient centric.

Jake's comments grounded me again - I do care about the health system and do believe that change can come - albeit slowly.

But still don't think I will return for day 2 ....