Something to which Tony can aspire??

Post date: Mar 25, 2014 7:37:48 AM

Am in Chch tonight. First time since Gran died. Is odd to be here and not going to Merivale Village. Nice to see Nana and tomorrow having dinner with Jenny. On news tonight was the story of the man who has taken up pumpkin growing as a hobby. Tony is growing a pumpkin this year but I think Patrick the pumpkin grower from Hamilton has it all over Tony. One of Patrick's pumpkins weighs over 500kg, and that is smaller one. He has one that he hopes will beat the NZ record of 730kg.

With two of his "little" pumpkins (only half a tonne) Patrick decided to make a boat. So today he and his friend rowed their pumpkin boats gently down the stream

I guess when you live in Hamilton you have to take your fun where you can.