Wonder if the in-flight service was any good?

Post date: Jan 19, 2014 12:47:45 AM

Tony and I having a very companionable time sitting in lounge reading paper/mucking about. It's v quiet with just the 2 of us and Lily!!Did you know that in the early days of the US postal service you could ( and people did) send babies and children by post? First child was a baby boy who was sent by post from his parents to his grandparents - they paid 15c postage and baby was delivered safely!! Apparently there was an 11 pound limit - and baby was just under this.

Not sure if photos are are the original Ohio baby but they are authentic baby post pictures from 1913.

Practice was allowed for over a year until the posting of live beings, apart from bees and bugs, was prohibited.

I have sometimes wondered about posting children but never thought about posting a bee.