That could never happen in NZ!

Post date: Dec 23, 2012 9:39:2 AM

Been a lovely day in Chch marred only by the fact that Marieis stuck in Wellington dueto fog, there is a question about whether she will get here tomorow

Does mean NZ ears shouldn't look smugly at the US and say "That would never happen in NZ"

So apart from the horse and cart it has all the similarities of a n American style shooting but 80 years earlier.

Story goes that in this small town in the Coromandel a man was becoming increasingly socially isolated and paranoid. One morning he papers to have snapped and with his young son loaded his cart with wood drove into town and went to school where he shot headmaster, one teacher then the children. Eventually some of the men from the local groldmine overpowered him and when he was taken away and peoe went into the school room as well as the bodies he had wired a detonator

Have to be careful saying "That kind of thing wouldn't happen here" or even blaming modern times as the cause of violence.

Fascinating article on stuff today about the killings in a NZ primary school that has an uncanny similari to the Sandy Nook event last week BUT this one happened in rural NZ in 1923. Two children killed, 4 children and 2 teachers woundedSchool burnt down a few days later in mysterious circumstances.