Post date: May 15, 2014 10:3:51 AM

Mum will have the details and the pictures, but a pleasant night was had with the parliamentarians and arthritis supporters in the old parliament building last night. I sat next to long time Labour Minister Annette King, and we listened to Suzanne Prentice, voice from C'mon in the 70's. James Lowe spoke about his career, and Brendan Horan greased his way self importantly around those he suspected of importance.

Sandra had told her Chairperson to make 5 jokes. He only made one but it seemed for a while as if it would end in accusations of bribe taking by the host, Nat Minister, Michael Woodhouse, already touchy about allegations of similar in the house. Luckily the punchline included mention that the money changing hands related to bets on the Hurricanes.